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We harvest and send our peonies in the bud stage, which means they should arrive as a closed flower. Upon arrival they will likely appear shriveled. Not to worry! This is expected and they will rehydrate quickly, once they are placed in water. Please follow the steps below.

Cut off at least half an inch from each stem. Place the stems into a vase or other container with fresh water and the preservative packet. Peonies need a lot of water, so add additional water, whenever they need it. Do not let them go dry. Changing water daily, can extend their vase life.

If you need the peonies to open quickly, put them in warm water and leave them out at room temperature to speed up the hydration process. Once the peonies are open, place them in a cooler until you are ready to use them. If you need the buds to open more slowly, put the peonies in cold water and immediately place in a cooler. The peonies will likely take 1-2 days to open, depending on the variety. 

Other tips:

1. Use a clean vase, as bacteria in a vase can effect the peony’s ability to draw water into the bud, possibly hindering its ability to open. 

2. When the peonies are fully open, they will be very large. Take care to not over fill a single vase or container with too many stems, so the buds have room to fully expand.

3. Displaying peonies in direct sunlight can shorten their vase life.  


4. Avoid storing peonies with vegetables and fruits. The hormone ethylene, found in some produce, may effect your peonies. 


5. The vase life of most peonies is 6-8 days when properly cared for. 

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