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We are Dan and Denise Carey. After 30 years of teaching, we decided we weren’t quite ready for the rocking chair.


We started our farm from the ground up, by clearing two acres of Alaskan wilderness in 2017. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to enhance the soil, shape our beds and plant the exceptional peonies that we have to offer you today.


We are located in Funny River, Alaska, which is a tiny community outside of the small town of Soldotna, Alaska.

In the summer we receive 18-19 hours of daylight, so our peonies often grow over an inch a day, after they emerge in mid-May.


Our winters can be full of extremes. We can have winter thaws and then turn around and have temperatures as low as -30º F. To protect our peonies, we cover our entire field with insulated blankets every fall. Our peonies are probably the most pampered peonies in the world!

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